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NavC is a fixed supply value variance inflationary token. This token is hard coded for supply, so no more tokens can be created than what has already been created. Its value always varies from base rate that it was conceived at, due to its Exclusive Utility in NavExM as Trade settlement token. Since it is settled(buy & sell) in same contract as of Trade, its supply doesn’t change in the exchange pool. Hence, its demand will always be equal to or more than the entire volumes of all Crypto Currencies on the exchange and its Automated Market Maker Algorithm will result in the rising of its base price resulting in the demand for the next trade considering an increase in the base rate. Therefore, it is a value variance inflationary token.

All Ethereum wallets are supported. It should be an "ERC-20 supported wallet on NavExM platform”

NavC is exclusively conceived to be a controlled supply, Trade settlement Token for NavExM. NavC is different from other utility tokens in terms of rewards on trading. That is the only way, NavC can be sourced as an asset. No other token offers the same. There are many unique features built in a NavC token. Some of them are listed below but Most of them are defined in the page here:
  • A Controlled Supply : So, No Market shocks, No Pool Variance that can negatively affect the price. Trade settlement Tokens: So, No shortage of demand for the token. Its Minimum Demand would be equal to entire Trading sum of the exchange.
  • Trading value encapsulation: So, AMM ensure that Its price increases with every trade settlement in NavExM.
  • Positive Cashback : So, Traders responsible for creating its demand by participating in Trading on NavExM get rewards with NavC for up to 0.1% of Trade value.
  • A Price Inflationary Token : So, Its price will always increase due to AMM in regards to base price, that was used in last trade settlement.
  • Stores Crypto Appreciation: Its price will increase in aspect of settling trade value & pool availability, hence it encapsulates the value of traded currencies in its appreciated price. And next settlement will use appreciated price as base value for the settlement in the exchange. A proprietary process to ensure it retains the value of last trade.
  • Beneficial Trades: The cashback feature reduces impact cost and provides additional incentives for trade, that increase the amount of liquidity in the market. Even if buy & sell takes place at the same price, the Traders will still get up to 0.1% of Trade value as a profit on the Trade.

Yes, the NavC utility token is a transferable asset, and hence, you can shift and carry it effortlessly, but only if the specific wallet supports NavC coins.

The wallet provider can help you directly in this situation, as we are not the responsible one here. The source and destination of your wallets will surely assist. You may include a transaction identifier in your query to get specific help.  

NavC token can be traded on NavExM exchange, and hence, you can trade NavC tokens only on the NavExM platform. Crypto-trading is a facile task with NavC tokens by your side. You can buy your token here.

NavC in ICO are sold at a launching price of 1 USDT. Which will increase in each round of ICOs till NavExM is launched. click here. for complete road Map. Only 0.04% of Total supply will be available to Investors out side of NavExM for ICO, & Airdrop and Marketing activities are planned after the round 03 ICO. Limited Investors would have an opportunity to secure this token before NavExM Launch and would be most benefited from this asset. Apart from securing the NavC at minimum rate, they would also be entitled to the following.
  • Preferred Allocation of Air Drop NavC Tokens
  • NavC Stacking options for further reduced Trading Fee
  • No withdraw penalty to take NavC out of NavExM wallet
  • Maximum benefits from assured Price Appreciation from ICO2,ICO3
  • Founding Investor benefits from NavExM.(to be disclosed later..)

Minimum Transaction for sale is 0.5 ETH and there is no Maximum amount hard fixed for an investor.
At ICO 1 NavC = 1 USDT. It will increase by 25% in ICO-2 and 50% for ICO -3. For detail future roadmap click here.

You can either look up your NavExM wallet or any other wallet that supports NavC.

You can hold NavC token as long as you want
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Initially ETH, USDT are acceptable tokens on Ethereum Network for ICO Sale.