More you trade, more you earn

With NavC, trading is always profitable

First-ever crypto token that rewards you for trading

NavC is a native currency of the NavExM exchange. The NavC token does not cost the trader but rewards in the form of assured cashback. As a utility token, it empowers the trading ecosystem of the exchange. NavC token encapsulates the capitalization of all the cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange and offers cashback for the appreciated amount.

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What is NavC ?

NavC is an ERC-20 based utility token developed as a native token in a Sidechain Linked Application, known as NavExM. NavExM facilitates people to trade (Buy-Sell) different cryptocurrencies; coins, tokens, non-fungible tokens, and stable coins at a groundbreaking process that allows traders to earn more "Cashback" than the trading fee spent. NavC will be the only native token on the NavExM exchange that will be the world's first revenue-giving exchange for traders and investors.

    Fixed Supply Value Variance Inflationary Token The quantity supply of NavC is fixed, and irrespective of the crypto market movements, it always increases in value with a trade at NavExM.
    88.89% of tokens are locked away in the NavExM trust pool.
    Only 0.04% is available to be owned as an asset out of the total supply.
    Early Bird Investors will enjoy a discount of 50% lowest trading fees on NavExM after Staking.
    NavExM's unique trading engine ensures that the value of the NavC will get appreciated with every trade of any currency or coin in NavExM exchange.
    NavC is a fixed supply value variance inflationary token (i.e., the Quantity supply of NavC is fixed, and irrespective of the crypto market movements, it always increases in value with a trade at NavExM).
    This token will facilitate the NavExM to overcome liquidity pool limitations by:
    • Incentivizing the presence of liquidity (Trade) with the rewards.
    • Offering cashback, many more times than the trading fees on every trade at NavExM.
    • One of the lowest trading fees 0.01% by staking 5000 NavC tokens.
    • Encouraging low impact cost,high cashback rewards which reduce volatility than any other exchanges present in the market.

Why NavC ?

NavC is a unique token that can encapsulate market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies.
Along with that, a trader will earn an assured amount of positive cashback
Positive Cashback:

NavC token rewards its users with guaranteed cashback on every transaction at NavExM to incentivize cryptocurrency trades. With a NavC token, a trader will earn an assured amount of positive cashback on the NavExM exchange. NavC market value gets appreciated every time a trade is executed at NavExM, and as a reward, the trader gets a certain percentage of cashback that is always more than the trading fees paid, many times over. This is the unique identifying feature of the NavExM, powered by the NavC token in the global cryptocurrency market, differentiating it from other cryptocurrencies. This cashback is not a launching offer but a trading engine feature of the NavExM that delivers cashback every time a user trades. This cashback rewards both market makers and market takers to facilitate the market.

An Inflationary Token - Grows in Value Every Time You Trade a Currency:

The value of the NavC token increases every time a trader trade a currency at NavExM. NavExM trading engine encapsulates the market capitalization of NavC through trading on the NavExM exchange and has the potential to outgrow all other crypto tokens combined, giving an excellent competitive edge to other cryptocurrencies, and resulting in a rise in demand for NavC. Only 0.04% of total tokens are available to be owned outside of NavExM, which further increases the demand, and its fixed supply and ever-increasing demand for NavExM exchange will ensure it grows in price every day when a trade takes place on NavExM.

Stores Crypto Appreciation that You Can Encash:

NavExM trading engine uses its native token NavC to encapsulate cryptocurrency capitalization in the exchange. It is the native token that encapsulates all crypto coins. Market makers and takers are awarded up to 5 times the trading fee as a reward for making the market work—for their contributions. These rewards are calculated instantaneously and paid weekly based on the trade share of the trader in aggregated turnover for that particular period. in the form of NavC, and NavC will also grow with further trades even after being rewarded, resulting in many times more benefits to the traders. Every trade deposits twice the value of its trade value into NavC compared to the token rotation in the pool every day.

Every Trade is Beneficial:

With the NavC token, every trade is profitable. You get to trade while earning an assured amount of cashback, and this feature makes every trade beneficial. The token stands out in the crowd from other cryptocurrencies in the market and looking for even better value and appreciation. The hike is provided to the token value every time a trader uses NavC token for trading, unlike others where you need to be solely dependent on the popularity or acceptance of that token.


How to Buy ?

Buying the NavC token is a hassle-free procedure.


No transaction will go reward less!

NavExM is an exchange network for users to explore the crypto world better. With enhanced user-adaptive features, the NavExM exchange allows you to trade and earn cashback every time. The NavExM network space permits safer transactions, protects both parties and offers KYC registered users a legal environment.