Expected Future Growth

Estimated Future Growth of the NavC token and Cashback Benefit

If we consider the turnovers of the top 20 exchanges, we can find a turnover value of around $100 Billion per day. The average of the same top 20 exchanges is calculated as $5 Billion per day with an average transaction fee of around 0.15%.

The NavExM exchange is offering the USPs of all these exchanges along with the lowest transaction fee @ 0.02% (Transaction fees further reduced up-to 0.01%, if trader participates in ICO and staking 5,000 NavC), and in addition to this, the NavExM exchange is offering a unique feature of cashback.

Given the trading fee, parities, and technical advantages offered by these exchanges in comparison to our NavExM exchange, the NavExM will meet and beat all the parameters; therefore, it is reasonable to expect that within 12 months, we shall be in a position to at least meet this average of daily trade.

Not to mention the cashback offered by the NavC token on the NavExM exchange nullifies all advantages that all other exchanges may hold in hindsight; therefore, in the best-case scenarios, we look to take over the business of all these exchanges, in the long run, that is for the period of 12 months.

Based on the above-mentioned points, we can project the NavExM exchange turnovers in various scenarios for particular situations, like, Minimum, Average and Expected..

Let's have a look at the graph depicted below where we are projecting exchange turnovers, NavC token price, cashback value vs. trading fees in the following scenarios:

Price Appreciation of the NavC token:

Based on the estimated turnover values as shown above, in the graph, we can project the NavC token price using the AMM formula

If you integrate the estimated values of forecasted turnovers appreciating the NavC token price as demonstrated above, we can expect the benefit of cashback as follows:

So, we can conclude that if a trader trades on the NavExM exchange using the NavC token, the person will get benefit from each and every side as the person is getting the lowest transaction fees in the world, getting cashback in terms of the NavC token, and the price of the NavC token will get appreciated and provide a return to the trader as an asset. It's a win-win situation!