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NavC announces its ICO launch: Token to fuel the NavExM next generation CEX

NavExM, a next-generation traders-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the ICO of its native token NavC. The project is creating a revolutionary change in cryptocurrency trading by offering positive cashback up to five times the transaction fees.

The launch of NavExM cryptocurrency exchange is planned for March 2023, and it will create a quantum leap in the global crypto space. Existing current generation exchanges have high transaction fees. NavExM aims to overcome the issue through its advanced mechanisms being a Next Generation Crypto Currency Exchange.

The NavExM financial ecosystem desires to provide the lowest transaction fees of all the exchanges. The minimal transaction fee can create the highest number of trades in the exchange that, in turn, help to inflate the value of NavC by capital appreciation. The total supply of NavC is fixed. Hence token value will be appreciated on each transaction irrespective of the market volatility.

According to the team, acquiring NavC tokens in the bear market can give back a significant return on investment in the future. Being an early investor will give the token holders additional value in terms of rewards and positive cashback. Once the exchange goes live, every trade with NavC will reward the token holder, in addition to the capitalization benefits of holding the token

NavC Tokenomics

NavC is a Fixed Supply Value Variance Inflationary Token that powers NavExM CEX. It follows a value-added tokenomics, and NavC price will be advanced after each trade at NavExM.

The total token supply is 112.50 Billion. Currently, only 0.04% of tokens are available for public purchase, and the rest will remain locked in the NavExM exchange until the platform is launched. Once the platform is launched, traders will receive 0.5% of total value appreciation as cashback.

The token will be available to purchase from today on all the major ICO listing platforms. The project team has allotted 50 Million tokens for the three stages of the ICO and the price of NavC will increase on each stage.

The first round of ICO releases 26 Million tokens and one NavC costs $1. The token availability will be 10 Million at the cost of $1.25 each in the second stage. The third stage is allocated with 14 Million tokens at the cost of $1.50 each.

There is no maximum purchase limit for ICO, and the minimum transaction is limited to 0.5ETH or an equivalent USDT amount only 0.04% of the total supply is available outside NavExM, which will create a token velocity and massive demand for the token in the future.

The early bird investors will get a staking benefit of up to a 50% discount at the lowest trading fees at NavExM. The early bird investors are limited to 10,000 in number. The white paper of NavC token can be found at

About Us

NavExM is founded with a vision to reduce the impact cost and increase the scope of all the tokens to have a part in the market regardless of their current market size. NavC is the utility token that powers the next-generation NavExM centralized crypto exchange. The tokenomics and distribution are planned to provide minimum risk and maximum profit for all its traders and investor. No transaction will go reward less, as NavExM is the world's first revenue positive crypto currency exchange.

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